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March 20, 2009

Free antivirus software is good for the wallet.

I am listing some of my favorite antivirus, spyware and other malware tools to help you keep your PC free from infection. In the age of broadband, networking and email, viruses are spreading in an alarming rate.

To make things worse, spyware has emerged and has grown to such a problem, people are finding their PCs are running slow--if they boot at all.

My Free Antivirus and Malware Software Picks

Free Anti-virus Software

Viruses have been around since the beginning and once only propagated by a physical means using a floppy. No, these infections multiply themselves through email. Viruses are two main types of viruses these days: Trojans and Worms. Trojans hide on your PC and Worms replicate and spread as quickly as they can.

Free Anti-Spyware Software

Spyware is very similar to viruses and the lines between the two are blurring. Spyware acts like a virus in that it both hides on your system and can spread to other computers on your network.
Spybot Search and Destroy

Free Malware Removal Software

These tools can help you get rid of infections once your computer is compromised. But usually, the best way to clean your computer it to reinstall.


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