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March 1, 2010

This is my first template of HTML5

This is a learn by doing activity. HTML5 will soon be the preferred way to code our web pages. IE does not support this but with a html javascript shiv it will render now. Then new elements will syle in firefox with a display:block in the css.The new coding seems to me to reduce the divs in the html. A new paradigm is required to get this. It looks to me that they want to make it easier to use css tables(not really tables, but the effect of tables) in web pages. This is the semantic web coding to make the coding more search engine friendly. This HTML5 might prove to be an advantage for SEO as well. The new elements used include aside, article, section, article header, and article footer. I wrapped it in a container to make it all hold together but I need to see how to do that with out a div.


Read this page and this other one...

see the page and coding here

This is the template with pics and more advanced styling

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