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May 13, 2010

Windows Phone 7: Near-Final Screenshots

This week, a ROM image of a near-final (RC1 escrow) version of Windows Phone 7 leaked online, providing us with a near-final look at Microsoft's next smart phone operating system. (It's an unlocked version of the April CTP, for those who are curious.) If you've been following along on my Windows 7 Secrets blog, you know that I've been using these unlocked ROMs in tandem with Microsoft's freely-available Windows Phone developer tools to examine the company's progress using a software emulator. But since this is a near-final build, I thought it would be worth a closer look.

One caveat: Though I was able to use the emulator to access my local domain's SharePoint document repository, I haven't figured out how to get the emulator out to the Internet, so much of what makes Windows Phone so excellent--it's seamless integration with online services--isn't available in these shots. Also, the Games hub isn't working in this build (while it did previously). Still, there's some interesting stuff here. Enjoy!


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