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Is your computer slow as molasses?
Do you need a geek to be available?
Do you need upgrades, computer services, or wireless networking, at your location?

Who to call for service?

What is the solution?      

Computer repairs done at a low cost.
Kevin Grey Lee
computer technician

832-731-0815 Phone


Serving Baytown,Crosby, and Houston.
Over 8 years experience in computer building,repairs, and web site development

Computer Services:

Wireless networking and Web Site design services.
Upgrades to hardware and software completed at your site. Computer repairs, done at a low cost.
New computer operating system installs done right.
Security lock downs to keep your computer protected.
Spy ware cleanups to get your computer running fast, like new.
Memory upgrades to speed things up.
Hardware replacement done effectively.

Our service includes:

  • Server deployment and maintenance for small businesses
  • Mail servers
  • Office network setup and internet access
  • Web development
  • hosting for your web site are available

What else?                        

Lost your password? We can get your computer booted up.
Network maintenance service for your office is done right.
Computer service, at your location is provided when you need it.
We have the competence to do the work.
Our Repair work is done ethically, and fast!
We are a professional computer service provider.
Hardware repair/installation is done at your site.
We have over 8 years experience in computer building, repairs,
and web site development.

Nationwide Computer Repair Services - Onsite Computer Repair Services. Networking, Computer Repair, Virus Removal, Server Maintenance


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