This is how it works: for La Porte

La Porte computer technician

I am a Texas local computer freelancer who is willing to travel to your location in Baytown, to perform the computer or web development work you need.

Kevin Grey Lee
computer technician
832-731-0815 Phone

I give telephone quotes you based on your determination of the issue for free.
I work in Baytown. I will travel to your location in La Porte and do the necessary repairs to get you up and running.

When I come over to your address in La Porte, I get 60 bucks plus mileage to check out your computer. If I find a simple solution to the problem then that's the whole price.

If its software related then I can fix it easily unless it requires a new operating installation, then that's more.

If the hardware part needs to be replaced then the cost is the price of the hardware and a small installation charge.

I can take the computer to my workbench for operating reinstalls and such; usually it gets done within a day or so.
You can call me from La Porte with questions or phone support for free.

I am available to freelance and subcontract for your IT tech service Co. for prevailing rates. Let me be you’re on the site guy to perform the work you direct remotely.

If you have some Web development work for me I can do this at home or at your location in La Porte. We can communicate via email or the phone.

I guarantee my work and will stay with it until you’re satisfied with my results.


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